"Y de todas las mujeres que había en el universo,
te señalé a ti, porque tenías los ojos más bonitos del mundo
y porque tenías el mundo más bonito en tus ojos."
Ernesto Perez Vallejo (via lawrencemejia)
"Entiendo por qué la gente se coge de las manos: Yo siempre pensé que era posesión, como diciendo ”Él es mío”. Pero es sobre mantener contacto, es hablar sin palabras, es querer a alguien contigo y que no se vaya."

We’re not bad people. We just come from a bad place.


I didn’t choose the fandom, it grabbed my hand and whispered, “run.” ♡♡





lol these were all shown at the end of 22 Jump Street

this is the franchise making fun of itself

I would watch every one of these

Would it help if I said my facial expressions out loud?


"Oh how, like always, he invents the monsters underneath the bed to get you to sleep next to him, chest to chest or chest to back, the covers drawn around you in an act of faith against the night." [x] [requested by]

[siken’s poetry + stucky]


Shameless appreciation post for how adorable this moment is - he is nervous and doesn’t know what to say to her which just completely takes her out of her thoughts and she can’t help but smile at him.


According to the evidence, I killed Abigail Hobbs.